I love getting the chance to read the stories of actual DREAMers instead of all the noise from the news. I feel like every time I watch the news, there is an incomplete portrayal of Dreamers. Many are still hustling even though their livelihoods are being threatened.  

The government shutdown has ended and DREAMers will most likely have to wait for a comprehensive deal DACA and immigration. Some DREAMers are hopeful while also thinking of ways to keep making money, take care of their families, and stay in this country they’ve called home since childhood. 

My DACA has expired this month. I was fortunate enough to apply for permanent residency through marriage a few months prior to the DACA expiration. And in spite of the fact that the latest policies do not directly affect me, I am still a DREAMer.

That being said, I can’t help but worry about my brother who is DACAmented and the emotional toll it could have on my niece was her daddy ever to face removal procedures. 

After finding out about a Facebook group for DREAMers and the DACAmented community, I began reading about what other DREAMers go through. I wanted to share in their thoughts on the latest political news regarding DACA, immigration and their lives. 

I wanted to find out how some DREAMErs are problem-solving their personal situations. 

Given the latest news that USCIS has allowed many DACA recipients to renew their legal stay in the U.S., I thought about the possibility of another battle between policymakers.

So I asked if any DREAMers were considering self-employment as an option if DACA were to fail or be delayed for much longer. Here are some of the responses I got.

Karina speaks about her interior renovation company:

“I’m currently serving central Florida. The name, Spartan Home repair… it’s a process that has yet to be completed, I’m working on my clientele”

Julio is working on his online store:

“I’ve been a cellphone/PC technician for over 10 years. I currently work for a franchise but I plan to continue doing this on my own and have an online store as a reseller… Currently working on it.”

Karen started a computer repair shop and ran it for 13 years. Even though one of her locations flooded, she is landing on her feet running the same business on a separate location.

Natalia started her own photography business, Intuitive Images by Natalia. She started it as a side hustle about a year ago. Now she’s working on making the photography business her main source of income.   

The real news

The real news here is that DREAMers like Karina, Julio, Karen, and Natalia are not sitting around waiting for the government to take care of them.

Like many other DREAMers, they hope the government gives them a fair shot to live in this country and work diligently like any other American.

None of them are asking for handouts. They are all trying to take care of their families. They are starting their own businesses or working at their current jobs until they can make the transition. 

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I wish these were the types of stories that make the headlines when the cable channels decide to talk about immigration and DREAMers.  

We can’t do it alone

The majority of Americans support DREAMers and the chance for them to remain in this country. Much like my personal journey, I was able to graduate college and rise up thanks to the help of compassionate Americans. 

Many ask that DREAMers get in line for immigration. The thing is that many DREAMers were placed in line as kids and have been waiting since childhood. I don’t know how much longer you can ask for someone to wait.