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Hello dreamer, I’m gonna have to pack two months into one post, because, well, I was super distracted at the beginning of January. I’ve been working on a few different projects, which you will hear about here, and I blew off the income and blog reports.

December was a really good month for blog traffic. Even though I didn’t make any money directly off the blog, I still made some money with my side hustles.

January has also been a really good month for traffic. I did make money directly from the blog this month, so that’s always nice! So let’s check out the numbaaaas.

Side hustle income

  • December
    • Freelance for Appen Global-$30
  • January
    • Freelance writing– $100

 I had a company contact me and offer $100 for a post. The truth is, I would have charged more, except for the fact that I had to do very little work. So I decided to take the gig and make some cash. The money ended up getting reinvested into the blog, so it was money well invested.

Your blog can be an awesome tool for companies to contact you and use your services. Here’s a simple 4 step guide to starting a blog!

The projects I have been working on are meant to grow my side hustle. I hope that one day this can turn into a full-time business opportunity for myself so I am really trying to put my best foot forward. 

The first one you might have already heard me talk about. This is the Make Money Marketing course by Bobby from This course was so worth the $197! It took me two days to finish the course.

Less than a week after taking the course, I was able to gain enough confidence and pitch to my first possible client. Here are just a few of the many things you will learn from Bobby:

  •  How to find your first client and make a successful pitch
  • What SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is and how to make it work for local small businesses 
  • How to use your blog and your freelance writing skills
  • How to manage social media for your clients
  • How to successfully run your marketing business (invoicing, taxes, etc.)

I know first hand how helpful Bobby’s advice is since he helped me get my first freelance gig, ever. I am confident that this course works.

I’m pretty sure there are still spots open and you can enroll at the discounted price. If you’re a blogger or want to start your own marketing side hustle the information in the Make Money Marketing course will help you tremendously!

The Blog Numbers

Like I said before, December and January have been great months for traffic. That, of course, is relative depending on what blogger you talk to. I used to average 200-300 page views and even fewer visitors. However, I have now reached over 1,500 site views consistently for the past two months.

A lot of this is due to the niching down of the blog. I have a more definitive target audience and message compared to when I started a year ago. 



Page views: 1,586

Sessions: 1,191

Users: 992



Page views: 1,576

Sessions: 1,185

Users: 1,015


Social Media

Let’s connect on any of these sites if we haven’t already! I spent most of my time on Twitter, but I do use the other ones pretty often. I have seen a steady increase in social media. If you are trying to build your social media presence for your business, your blog, or to simply connect with more people, I recommend the following two ebooks:

Facebook Strategies

Pinterest Strategies

Both of these ebooks are less than $35 and are packed with such useful info! Even if you have no clue about how to work Facebook or Pinterest, Carly and Brittany are so good at walking you through the basics!

There are so many little details that people forget, especially if you’ve only used social media for personal use. These two ebooks will show you how to make the best use of your time and the data it social media sites provide.

Here are my numbers:

Twitter: 1,437 | 2.57% ↑

Instagram: 724 Followers | 16.02% ↑

Facebook: 85 Likes & 81 Follows | 21.17 ↑

Pinterest: 214 Followers | 16.82% ↑


What I have learned so far after a year of blogging is to not be afraid of experimenting. If you have been wanting to create a blog, a website, or learn more about marketing, this community is always happy to help.

It doesn’t even have to be about any of those topics. The point is that whatever you are pursuing, make it your mission to find people that are pursuing the same goals. After all, it is more fun and less stressful that way.

That’s how my blogging shenanigans started. I thought it was interesting and I wanted to share my thoughts without ever thinking I could actually make any money. A year later, It has paid for itself and I can keep writing about what I love to talk about and try to help some people on the way.

Goals for next month

  • Land my first marketing client
  • Reach 3,000 site visitors
  • Guest post for another blog


What are your money goals for next month?