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My name is Javi, Mexican born, future American, and first-generation college graduate. That beauty next to me is my wife Taylor.

After graduating from college (a feat I never thought possible) we paid off over $34,000 in debt.

I have dedicated this site to help other D.R.E.A.M.ers and DACAmented students like myself pay off debt and build wealth.


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What Can I Help You With?


Financial advice for the DACAmented


Find out how other DACA Dreamers handle money.


Side hustles are the best way to increase your income.


Make some cash on the side to reach your goals!

Latest Articles

Here are some of the latest entries from our blog section.

Here’s how much DACA recipients PAY into the economy

On Wednesday 08/08/2018 a DACA hearing in Houston took place to decide the future of hundreds of thousands of DACA...
August 10, 2018

How I increased my credit score without using a credit card

Many immigrants may not have access to the same financial services as permanent residents or citizens.  Even DACA holders may...
August 8, 2018

Blog Income Report (July)

Cheers to another month. From spending too much time at the pool, hanging out with family and friends and figuring...
August 3, 2018

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Favorite Free Resources

These are a few of my favorite personal finance tools that helped me create a plan. This section contains affiliate links. I may receive some compensation if you click on any of these links. But you won't pay a cent for any of the content. Please read the full disclosure on my disclaimer page.

Personal Capital

Great budgeting tool. What I like about PC is the fact that it tracks your net worth. So it will keep an eye out for how much you owe, how much money is in your bank and invested.

Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame is a great site to begin monitoring your credit. Even though I do not use credit, It is still a great tool to help you monitor your money and prevent identity theft.